Physical Education Is A Subject That Many People Overlook

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Physical education is a subject that many people overlook. When people think about elementary school they think about the academics first before they think about physical education. In addition, parents don’t realize that physical education is just as important for their children as a regular academic. Physical education could help their children stay healthy, fit and be motivated to keep moving in life. It is important for parents to understand that gym is just as important as math or science and that it could prevent childhood obesity or help a child with diabetes. Elementary physical education is more than just running around and playing games. Although it may seem that way to a child, to parents, we should realize that physical…show more content…
306). Therefore, this type of information is very essential for parents and children to comprehend in order to be healthy and stay healthy. Children need to have at least an hour out of their academics a day to be able to run around and be activated in order to prevent serious health issues that could affect them if they don’t have physical education built into their schedule. Also, if there was no physical education class, students would just be concentrating on education and not worrying about their health. Therefore, what is the point of a great education if a student isn’t going to have physical education to help prevent them from getting a health related disease? A student could be so smart and they could know plenty of information about everything, but if they don’t have physical education they could develop a serious health issue that could cause a problem with their physical wellness and what can do they do then? Students need physical education to help them stay in good condition and healthy in order to advance in their education and literacy. One health issue that is rapidly growing in the United States in childhood obesity. Lately it has been seen more children are gaining weight and over eating because they are so stressed out with
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