Planning A Health Interior Special Environment Essay

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Three years ago, my closest cousin had graduated from UC Davis with environment policy major, she has inspired me and encouraged me about learn the principles of environmental sustainability. And I realized environmental sustainability is engaged with interior design. It is important to plan a health interior special environment can improve living quality of household, interior design not only can solve the functional issues of a house and make it aesthetic for users, but it can also reflect the users’ style and fulfill their own purposes in living, which provide a sustainable and positive effect to users.
Being able to solve the problem of consistency applicability, and utilitarian rather than decorative. Nowadays, sustainable architecture design has become the world indicative design, interior designer more trended to use green building materials for sustainable building purposes. Because green building is ecologically, energy efficiency, waste reduction, health building. In other words, it’s approaching the idea of human health and comfort- oriented, consumes minimal resources of the earth and energy, produce the least waste, which to put forth the least amount of effort possible, so that humans and their environment in architectural harmony.
I often go to Japanese market, where they have a lot of interesting and relevant books and magazines, to keep myself updated to the new information and new technique for the future trend, you will be able to communicate with

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