Political Leadership : United Kingdom, China, And Russia Essay

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All around the world, countries are either allied with each other, enemies with each other, or even just mutual with each other. Each country has their own specific standards, including those who lead their people to the best glory. Everyone has their own leaders with each having their own style. Democracy, tyranny, communism, or organizations help keep order in each country. With that, how the way the country is run may aid in the relationships with another country. Many of the world’s innovating, powerful countries are seen to have major differences with their style of political leadership --United States, United Kingdom, China, and Russia. Today, many leaders around the world are being analyzed on what is more effective with their different style in order to build their foreign affairs with one another. Beginning with the United States, the people of America went through many changes with their style of political leadership. At the beginning of the formation of the nation, the people were under the British crown. Parliament and the British king were in command until the colonies wanted their own government. The colonists fought for their own system government where they too had to go through their own changes such as the Articles of the Confederation to what the United States have today, democracy. Since then, many of the US citizens have been politically involved as well as undergoing many different presidents. Each presidents has their own style of leadership with

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