Positive And Negative Styles Of Parenting

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As a kid you always grow up being asked, what do you want to be when you grow up. My answer has always been the same, but my father has always wanted me to take over his job as a Master Electrician. In my heart I have always wanted to be a veterinarian and knowing that I would disappoint my dad was something I have always struggled with. My mother on the other hand, has always supported my dreams. One thing I do know is that they both encouraged me to love school and to pursue a career. Both my parents have different styles of parenting. My mother was usually more positive and my father was usually authoritative. Berk and Winlser (1995) stated that, “More positive parenting styles, coupled with higher parental monitoring tends to lead to …show more content…

My pets have always and forever will be a part of my life style. In fact, Magnus (2004) states that, “Millions of people in the United States consider their pet dog of cat to be a member of their family, and with the development of that relationship has come a commitment to provide health care that is beyond the reach of most humans.” (p. 1). I have learned that all animals have emotions and personalities, and that they are a part of this world just like we are. Some animals can even notice when something is wrong with a human, like when you are sad. Being a veterinarian would further my love and passion for animals. I would be able to help them in a way that not everyone can. As of now I have eight cats, two dogs, and two hamsters. The amount of attention and care that they need can be overwhelming for some, but for me it brings me a huge amount of happiness and a sense of fulfillment. Each one of my pets have a way of expressing themselves, from my tiny hamsters to my huge dog. Every day they show me love and compassion in the purest form. I care for them in a way that I care for a human being sometimes even more. At times I get worried and scared, why you might ask? I find myself thinking what if! What if they get sick, or choke? What if I can’t save them? The best way to be prepared is to have a career that would further inform me of all these little creatures. Then I could be prepared in case of any emergency, and would be more at ease.
Becoming a veterinarian

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