Positive Oral Feedback Is Essential Factor For The Employees ' Motivation

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Positive oral feedback is clearly an essential factor for the employees’ motivation. The employees made clear that they are in need of more positive oral feedback. The managers are aware of the lack of oral feedback, but not to what extent the employees are longing for. The managers need to give the employees feedback so they understand how important they and their work are for the organization. Some employees need to be seen and heard more frequently than others. It is important that the managers see all individuals and appreciate them, even the ones who do not speak out and take own initiatives. As it is today, it seems like the creative ones are getting more attention and the quiet employees live in their shadows. By not seeing and…show more content…
The managers do not experience any differences in how the employees are motivated. They mean that all employees have generally the same requirements in terms of how a workplace and leadership must be to be as good as possible regarding motivation, inspiration and engagement. However, based on the analysis, it is clearly up to the individual. No individual is the same, and that needs to take into consideration when talking about motivation and performance. The first drive, the biological drive that comes from within, is most often taken for granted. It can be argued that mangers should take this drive more seriously and take it into account when motivating their employees. A manager needs to observe the individual and their individual needs. By doing so, the managers might get a “self-played piano” with self-motivated employees.
Nadeem Malik (2010) expressed that there were times when workers were thought to be another expansion to upgrade the production of service or good. Be that as it may, a great deal has changed at this point. Motivating employee is an essential stride that each entrepreneur ought to take to succeed. This is on the grounds that motivation energizes better execution and efficiency with respect to workers. What 's more, when this happens, the organization has nothing to appreciate except for advantages
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