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When conducting a guidance unit, it is important to gain information to help direct and prepare for a guidance unit. To gain a good idea on your subjects and where they stand in their knowledge of the topic in any guidance unit would be to start with a pre-assessment and end with a post assessment. The importance of a pre-assessment and post assessment is to help track the progress of the specific guidance unit and how successful it was in providing the resources and knowledge to the students within the program. In preparing my guidance unit I will focus on preparing 8th grade and 9th grade students for success in high school, I will focus on what students already know and build upon their current knowledge. In doing this I will come up with a pre-assessment and post assessment that will focus on the questions “How much do you know about your next four years?”.
Many students go through school not knowing the resources or qualification to graduate and move on. Statistics indicate many students are not preparing adequately for postsecondary education
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In asking these questions, I will be able to gain an understanding of the most important things to address in my guidance unit. I will focus on information the students are less familiar with and not spend too much time on what they already know. By the end of this unit the students should have the knowledge of what it takes to go through high school and graduate and to judge this I will administer the same assessment to determine what they have gathered from the beginning to the
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