Post-Graduation I Plan To Work In The Human Resources Field

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Post-graduation I plan to work in the Human Resources field and become a recruiter at a staffing agency. What is drawing me to this field is not the money but the ability to help those who are in need of finding a job. I really enjoy working with others and improving their live making a positive impact.

~What functions and responsibilities does one have in this position? Human resources recruiters develop and implement recruiting plans and strategies designed to fulfill company-staffing needs. As part of a human resources team, recruiters (also known as corporate recruiters and internal recruiters) are responsible for leading the staffing efforts of a company and building a strong workforce that adds to the company’s bottom
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While it is true that the internet has changed the dynamics for headhunters, recruiters still focus on referrals, networking, research, talking with candidates and analyzing a potential employee 's skill set and motivations. Owners of recruiting businesses expressed faith and optimism about the opportunity to increase their contingent recruiting businesses (About the Recruiting Industry). After gaining experience and training in recruiting, professionals are prepared for this human resources specialist position. Jobs in this field may be found through personal connections or networking. Individuals can also check websites for jobs, such as the job board of the Society for Human Resource Management.

The professional recruiting industry is a challenging environment where radical transformations are occurring. New recruiting trends are emerging. Social media is also changing the landscape for hiring managers and human resource departments. With all the changes in the recruitment industry, to prioritize the job candidate by providing job applicants with the information that is most important to them based on their employment history, work experience and career ambitions. Employers appreciate the partnership approach used is in their best interest is paramount. (About the Recruiting Industry)
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