Pr. What Is Piper's Opinion On How Her Parents Raised Her?

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Question 1 _ What was the two-pronged approach that I.N.S.A.N.E. took to rid the children of their special abilities, and how did they do them? Answer 1 _ The two-pronged approach was doing it mentally by befriending them and using drugs in their food for the second prong. Question 2 - Why does Dr. Hellion want to help Piper more than the other kids? Answer 2 _ Dr. Hellion is a flier herself and she killed her sister while using that gift. Coincidentally, to her, flying is dangerous. Question 3 _ What is Piper’s opinion on how her parents raised her? (Ex.- socialization, freedom, etc) Answer 3 _ Piper wished that her parents would let her see the other kids and fly like she wanted to. Also Piper wanted to ask more questions,

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