Preparation Questions For Multiple Patients

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Preparation Questions Georgina Canales Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 452: Capstone Summer 2015 Preparation Questions 1. How do you prepare to manage multiple patients? When caring for multiple patients I believe that is essential to have good judgment and confidence in order to provide excellent patient care. Prioritization and critical thinking play a big role when preparing to manage for multiple patients`. The first thing to be completed when arriving to work is to get report from the night/day nurse, so it’s important to get to work on time to get report and plan the day accordingly. When getting report from the nurse I asked myself “what am I going to do first and why” and “what possible things could occur if I don’t…show more content…
I would perform an assessment on my patients and reassess at least every two hours and sometimes more often depending on the patients` condition. Assessing the patients constantly throughout the day is going to help me address any changes in patients’ condition. Time management is an important skill that a nurse should have when caring for multiple patients. A nurse should avoid being overwhelmed by work, because this often leads to errors, stress and leave out important tasks that need to be completed. Gathering all the supplies needed before performing an activity and breaking down a job into parts may be helpful when caring for multiple patients. Documenting all my nursing interventions after each activity would save me time, because waiting until the end of the day increases inaccuracies. Lastly, I would maintain a positive attitude during any challenging situation to achieve outstanding results. 2. What leadership skills are most important? The leadership skills that I consider to be most important are self-awareness, self-confidence, effective communication and time management. Self-awareness is being able to read our own emotions and understand how our emotions can impact our patients and health care team members. “As you work toward greater self-awareness, recognize that nobody makes you feel anything when you’re truly self-aware. In the end, you’re a better caregiver when you take care of
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