Preparing For The Literature Review

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2016 Preparing for the Literature Review Introduction: Leadership is an important task of management, which helps to take advantage of effectiveness and to achieve organizational goals. The topic of the research is “The relationship between leadership education and leadership experience on effectiveness of hiring managers." During the research, many topics will be discussed to approach to the right decision making when hiring managers. Five things leaders should keep in mind: Leaders who work in the leadership field, whether they are good leaders or not, they should keep in mind five things: the first one is that leaders do not always do the right things. In other words; the leader should inspect errors when working. The second thing is that leadership is hard even if it is innate. The leaders must keep in mind that they may find some difficulties when working, and they have to think that they may find a problem that will be hard for them to solve. The third thing is that the leader will never be able to lead everyone. The leader works with all kinds of people and should inspect different kinds of people. Some abide by the instructions and some do not. The fourth thing is that the leader’s leadership should be his or her leadership. The leader should be honest. If the employees for any reason discovered that, their leader is lying they will not trust him or believe him. The fifth thing is the real world will not evaluate the leader’s education as much as the leader does.
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