Prescribing Medicines Case Study

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Introduction Health practitioners that can prescribe medicines are doctors, dentists, designated nu prescribers, and registered midwives.

"Metabolism and may be inhibited by drugs, which inhibit cytochrome P450. the effect or plasma concentration of the following medicinal products: Caffeine." They are referred to below as prescribe Administtationof medicines is carried out by a variety of health practitioners includ nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, optometrists, and paramedics.

This chapter will disc the law relating mainly to the prescribing and administration of medicines.

It should noted that there is also law relating to dispensing, and a regulatory regime manufacturers, packers and wholesalers of medicines.

From 18 September
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242.2.2 Unapproved medicines v;.ell as registered medicines, there are unregistered medicines whose distribution and.

"Omeprazole is partly metabolised also by CYP3A4, but omeprazole does not inhibit." These :dicines can still be prescribed, and exemptions under section 25 of the Medicines Act 31 allow a prescriber to import an overseas medicine into New Zealand and prescribe it n though it has not been registered here.

Tion 25 allo~s a prescriber to procure and supply an unapproved medicine to a particular aown and identifiable" patient in their care.

Tion 29 of the Medicines Act 1981 permits an authorised supplier to sell or supply an approved medicine to a registered medical practitioner, but the practitioner must notify Director-General of Health.

The provisions are intended to allow treatment of a rare :ease where an overseas medicine is available.

Prescriber who uses an unapproved medicine takes full responsibility for any adverse nsequences of it.

"Other CYP enzymes relevant for medicine metabolism, as shown by the lack of metabolic interaction with substrates for CYP1A2 (such as caffeine, completely metabolised by the cytochromeP450 system.

" It is especially important to give effect to consumers' rights to make an 243 PRESCRIBING AND ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICINES informed choice and give informed consent to receiving the unapproved
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