Proactive Observation Essay

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An alarming issue that has garnered attention from the international community is sleep and the quality that most individuals receive (Colten & Altevogt, 2006). Sleep quality affects individuals of all ages, including the youth and the elderly. It has been reported that the quality and amount of sleep obtained during adolescence is significantly reduced, in comparison to other age groups, which can lead to improper function throughout the day as well as raise serious health concerns (Doane, Gress-Smith, & Breitenstein, 2015). This issue becomes more pressing when the youth enter college, where students have documented sleeping less and pulling more all-nighters (Lund, Reider, Whiting, & Prichard, 2010). In turn, poor sleep quality, which these …show more content…

In a particular study, it measured two different types of aggression and how they related to sleep quality. These two types of aggression include proactive and reactive aggression. Proactive aggression occurs when an individual has carefully and dutifully planned out their actions for personal gain whereas reactive aggression happens as a reaction to a threat; reactive aggression does not involve meticulous planning whereas proactive does (Fite et al., 2015). Thus, when an individual receives poor quality of sleep, it may lead to an increase in aggression, possibly due to emotional, physiological, and psychological arousal (Fite et al., 2015). Subsequently, the researchers found that reactive aggression, and not proactive aggression, is significantly correlated with sleep quality (Fite et al., 2015). Due to negative emotions being manifested in reactive aggression, it has also caused individuals to suffer from anxiety and depression (Fite et al., 2015). Hence, sleep quality is interrelated with depression and aggression, which may affect an individual’s satisfaction with

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