Procedure Of The Bernoulli 's Theorem Apparatus

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Procedure Experimental set-up The Bernoulli’s theorem apparatus is set up on the hydraulic bench so that its base is horizontal for accurate height measurements from the manometer. The rig outflow tube is positioned above the volumetric tank. The rig inlet is then connected to the bench flow supply followed by closing the bench and the apparatus flow control valve. The pump is then started. The bench valve is gradually opened to fill the test rig with water. The bench valve and rig flow control valve are closed in order to bleed air from pressure tapping points and manometers. Then, the air bleed screw is opened and the cap from the adjacent air valve are removed. A length of small bore tubing from the air valve to volumetric tank is connected. The bench valve is then opened and allowed to flow through the manometers to eliminate all air from them. After that, the air bleed screw is tightened and bench valve and test rig flow control valve are partly opened. The air bleed screw is opened to allow air to enter the top of the manometers. Lastly, the screw is re-tightened when the manometer levels reach a convenient height. Experimental procedure- to obtain results Pump is turned on and bpth the control valve on hydraulic bench and the venturi tube are adjusted so the tube is filled up with water. Using the valve on the manifold at the top of the manometer, the air bubbles are bleed off. To obtain flow rate so that the total head at the inlet

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