Process Essay: The Most Dangerous Spring Sports

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The liabilities included with coaching is making sure that you are paying attention to all your players and making sure they are safe and not putting themselves in a position where they can get hurt. However for lacrosse being the most dangerous spring sport injuries will happen due to the pure aspect of the game. Liabilities I have is making sure all the equipment we are using is safe and up to standards. Thankfully for lacrosse everything we use must be NOSCAE approved. Helmets must be recertified every three years or a new one must be bought. Also must check to make sure nothing is broken or damaged that the players are using. Companies are also doing a good job now if covering their end to warn players not to use the equipment when broken or damaged. Assistants also should be watching out for players making sure everyone if acting in a safe manor. Along with behaving properly with players. …show more content…

It’s important to do the traditional approach when it comes to working on the basics like passing, catching, shooting, and cradling. Then when it comes to game approach they should work on things then when maybe playing a better team and need to switch to a man to man defense over a zone defense or offense or vice versa.
The order at which I would say the importance of these skills is physical skill and mental skilled, followed by technical skills, communicational skills, character development skills, and finally tactical skills. It’s important to develop a list of what you want to achieve incase the players in a certain area are more advanced or need additional help to get them to where you need them so that they can

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