Professional Presence and Influence

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Professional Presence and Influence Professional Presence and Influences To feel completely human one have to be able to care for themselves and also for someone else in a respected and nurtured manner. According to Dr. Koerner, one consider them self valuable and useful when they are able to contribute to wellbeing of themselves and others that they connect with (Koerner 2011).In all profession, professional presence and influence is a continuous life long process that requires one to first understand their feelings, attitude and understanding of why they choose the…show more content…
Our very own famous nursing theorist Florence Nightingale improve the Physical and psychological wellbeing of the depressed wound hopeless soldiers who had very little. Professional Presence and Influence and promote the healing of wounded soldiers by simply keeping them and their environment clean, less over crowed and improve sanitation. According to Dorsey the beginning of Eras 11 started roughly right after World War 11 when the medicine world began to recognize the all illness has a psychometric root where the emotional feelings can greatly affect how the body functions. He outlined some example of causes of high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and gastric ulcers which are related to psychological stress. In Eras 111 he demonstrated that one consciousness is not limited to just your own body but can extend to others bodies as well. In Eras 111 Dorsey explained that one conscious mind can affect not just their own body but that of someone else who be nearby or at a distance with no physical or mental connection. The example of this theory is even when twins are separated from birth, they can Feel the same emotion and illness of the other twins. A2.Model and
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