Project Analysis : A Project

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Project Approach. Envisioning a project is a lot easier than executing it. One can’t expect a project to be smooth sailing without having a solid approach to navigate it without any major turbulence. It is imperative to identify the scope of project. General assignment of the work can’t really tell what lies beneath it. Once had an objective, it then needs to be broken down into sub parts. It is also very important to find out the outcome of the project and spell out the goals clearly enough to have better understanding and meeting of minds. Understanding and delineating the project tasks is of paramount importance. One needs to understand what it involves to smoothly get the job done. Identifying players can help understand and then distribute work and tasks. Identify the project players so that task could be outsourced to the right candidates. It’s also imperative to establish project timeline. The project components shall be segmented to ensure smooth and sequential process without delaying the project. Implement PODC that stands for Plan, Organize, Direct, and Control. This approach ensures the timely completion of the project without it being sidetracked from the main course. The S.W.O.T Analysis. Originated by Albert S Humphrey, Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) is a useful technique for understanding the aforementioned traits of a particular project. It helps sculpt sustainable place and establish a greater credibility within the market. It is a
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