Project Sponsor Interview Essay

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Project Sponsor Interview Sean Smith PM 511 Dale Wilen March 7, 2010 Abstract The internet places vast amounts of information at our fingertips. More and more customers view the website first before they visit a store or make contact with the company. A company’s web page is becoming the face of the corporation in today’s marketplace. The design of that web page can either entice or detract a potential customer from seeking assistance. Web page design companies use project managers to supervise web page construction for corporate and government clients. The success or failure of these pages depends on the use of sound project planning and metrics. Practical use of these metrics will win…show more content…
Starting a project can be intimidating for some managers. It is important that the manager knows how they should start the process. The team usually starts off the project with a “kickoff meeting.” The team sits down together and starts to plan the schedule and budget. The input from the customer is analyzed and an overall design sense is mapped out. Project costs are weight and compared to the wants of the customer. His team is usually working on two to three projects at any given time. Some are small and some are large, but each is produced with quality in mind. Your finished project is what the customer sees and critiques. Josh stressed that deadlines can fluctuate. The scope can change if the customer decides to add or subtract requirements for the design. Clients will ask for more or different elements to be added, even during the later stages of the project. Each project has to be looked at in a new light. You cannot treat one client the same as the next. “We do not produce cookie cutter web applications. Each site or application is tailored to the customer.” He also talked about the budget and the importance of keeping within the guidelines that have been set. When determining the costs of the project, Josh will meet with the team and produce a “projected cost vs. budget plan.” These estimates are based on how the project will be done, in what
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