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“A Project on Business proposal on Dairy” ( Milk production unit) A report submitted to IIMT, Greater Noida as a part fulfillment of full time postgraduate diploma in management SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED BY: Dr. D. K. GARG LAVKUSH SHUKLA CHAIRMAN ENR. – 15073 IIMT, GREATER NOIDA NIRAJ KUMAR ENR. – 15083 ISHAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY 2, KNOWLEDGE PARK 1, GREATER NOIDA GAUTAM BUDH NAGAR (UP) Website –, E-mail – ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Practical study is also an important part of the professional studies and curriculum otherwise it will merely leap in dark. It is essential to…show more content…
Milk production in India is processed by mostly (88%) unorganized sector; the share of the private sector and co-operatives is only 12%. However, it is expected that co-operatives will take more share in milk sector in the future. A dairy farming project via cooperative was carried out in rural area in Rajasthan region of India for the purpose of nutrition of women, developing their economy and raising their social status. Consequently, economic independence of women was provided and they were saved from indigence chain by providing chance of income rise. India is the land of various types of animals, in which many are known for milk. Milk is very important for the life of human. Even when baby born, then basic requirement becomes cholesterol and it’s come from mother’s milk. That’s mean milk is very important supplement of the food for all age group of people. In this present scenario lots of product is there which is made by milk and it is more popular and demanded in the customers like as ghee, dahi, cheese, khoya, butter, ice-cream, etc. History is the proof, before sometimes this country was known for “here milk flows in river”. But in this time, scenario has been changed. We forgetting “gau mata” that is cow. We Indian people believe cow is our goddess. Milk is the full of calcium, carbohydrates, protein, fats and many more nutrients. Milk provides relatively quick returns for small-scale livestock

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