Promoting Health Education Unit 20

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In this assignment I will be explaining three different approaches to health education. I will also be giving examples of each approach being used and lastly I will also be explaining the role of the health educators in these approaches. The three approaches I will be talking about are as follows; social marketing approach, two way communication and community development approach.
Health education is usually used to give information and advice of the knowledge and skills that the professionals have gained in their sector in order to change the behaviour that affects health an example of this could be using social marketing by putting posters up in busses about eating healthy. Health educators come from a wide range of professions …show more content…

This has the advantage of targeting a wide target audience and may be tailored to meet specific objectives. Another approach that the health educators may use is the mass media to get something in the public eye the mass media can use many different approaches to promoting health education. Some of the ways you could promote health education is fear, some campaigns use fear to get the message across and for it to have effect such as, smoking and the effects such as cancer using the fear which is smoking could cause cancer maybe a massive eye opener which could eventually led them to slowly couldn’t down how many cigarettes they are smoking which should lead them to eventually stopping. An

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