Research Study A Health Educator Essay

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For this project, I choose to research a Health Educator position since I am currently majoring in this area. Personally, I have chosen Health Education with a purpose: to help people live a healthy, meaningful life, and also help them to cope with their difficulties. Working in the health field I realize my greatest strength in helping others is listening. I love to listen to people, and that has always been my first step in recognizing their true needs. The ability to truly show a person that you care involves interacting with that person on a deeper level. I have found that this level of interaction provides a therapeutic basis to promote trust thereby aiding in their healing process.

The role of the health educator includes providing a myriad of education programs to help individuals and communities make healthy lifestyle choices. Skills that health educators should be able to perform are (a) Assess individual and community needs. Besides this, the health educator also needs to perform a capacity assessment to find ways to empower the community and identify skills and resources they have to help solve problems. Another aspect of this is for educators to collect and analyze data from their specific populations and use this to determine priority areas where health education programs need to be placed. (b) Plan health education strategies, interventions, and programs. This part takes place after the needs of a population have been assessed. It involves recruiting

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