Proper Strategy Implementation And Evaluation Of Dish Network

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This essay will react to the proper strategy implementation and evaluation that should be adopted by Dish Network. Dish is an American based corporation that provides broadcasting services to clients via television and the internet. A strategic management plan such as that possessed by Dish can be successfully implemented when a high focus is placed on measuring the level of performance and commitment in the implementation and evaluation phases. The strategic plan should be evaluated before, and after it is implemented. Some of Dish’s past strategies have been unsuccessful, while some were implemented successfully. Before a strategic plan is implemented at Dish Network, the organization has always ensured that it has several parameters in check. The delivery process that is to be utilized in the implementation of the specific strategy is usually aligned to the vision of the corporation. Dish Corporation’s strategy has in the past been successfully achieved based on correct timing in merging policies, operations, and incorporating the required changes within the organization. In the past, the company has ensured that its financial and administrative capabilities are matched to the tasks to be executed within specified durations. The management also selects the projects that are most likely to be achieved and contribute to the attaining of set goals and profits; in line with the organization’s short and long-term strategies. All organizations have competing projects since
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