Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms In Public Schools

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Many public schools around the world have always given children diversity within the educational environment. School administrators are able to achieve this goal by allowing students the ability to freely express themselves. Until recent years, public schools and administrators have noted an astonishing difference in behavior and academic performance. This success is due to the use of school uniforms mandated in public schools. Unfortunately, most school districts follow certain policies that restrict students from choosing their own form of dress. This restriction may contain unintentional negative effects that may emotionally harm the children and interfere with their true self. School uniforms follow strict policies that should not be mandatory in public schools because they are a violation of student's human rights that deny these children the right to self-expression and individuality. When school uniforms are mandatory they are unjustly forced upon a student denying them a sense of self-expression. Most children enjoy wearing clothing that they like and clothing that represents who they are becoming as an individual. Although, when uniforms are mandatory students are not permitted to wear the style of clothing that they enjoy. This could include clothing that represents the children as a person such as graphics, symbols, lettering and phrases. When students are given a mandatory dress code, they are ripped of their human right of self-expression. One important factor
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