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Week Seven Homework Exercise Answer the following questions, covering material from Ch. 13 of Methods in Behavioral Research Define inferential statistics and how researchers use inferential statistics to draw conclusions from sample data. According to Cozby (2009) inferential statistics are used to determine whether we can in fact make statements that the results reflect what would happen if we were to conduct the experiment again and again with multiple samples Define probability and discuss how it relates to the concept of statistical significance. Probability is the possible that an outcome of an experience or an event will occur (Cozby 2009) Statistical significant and probability are one in the same. A researcher is studying the…show more content…
One application of a Chi-square test is a test for independence. In this case, the null hypothesis is that the occurrence of the outcomes for the two groups is equal. A Fishers exact test is used when you have a small sample Reference Cozby, P. C. (2009). Methods in Behavioral Research (10th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database. Week Seven Homework Exercise PSYCH/610 Version 1 PAGE MERGEFORMAT 3 Y, dXiJ(x( I_TS 1EZBmU/xYy5g/GMGeD3Vqq8K)fw9 xrxwrTZaGy8IjbRcXI u3KGnD1NIBs RuKV.ELM2fi V vlu8zH (W )6-rCSj id DAIqbJx6kASht(QpmcaSlXP1Mh9MVdDAaVBfJP8 AVf 6Q xsdschema targetNamespacehttp// maroottrue mafieldsIDaa9ea3e039072aea29e5e4a8b72d2511 ns1_ ns2_ xmlnsxsdhttp// xmlnsphttp// xmlnsns1http// xmlnsns2dc266c5d-a611-456a-be38-25776eef1e96 xsdimport namespacehttp// xsdimport namespacedc266c5d-a611-456a-be38-25776eef1e96/ xsdelement nameproperties xsdcomplexType xsdsequence xsdelement namedocumentManagement xsdcomplexType xsdall xsdelement refns2Stakeholder_x0020_Page minOccurs0/ xsdelement

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