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I believe that the art of psychotherapy is more important than the use of empirically validated treatments (EVT). I feel that the art of psychotherapy exists through the use of the common factors, which include the therapeutic relationship, client and therapist factors (e.g., personality), helping clients deal with problems, and hope or expectancy factors (Reisner, 2005). Although I do believe that empirically validated treatments may enhance the therapeutic process, the treatments themselves are by no means the most important or fundamental aspects of therapy. I agree with the idea presented by Allen (2008) that scientific knowledge is important, but it is not sufficient for the successful outcomes in psychotherapy. There appears, at…show more content…
One ideal way to prevent the complete loss of the art of psychotherapy is to use both the art and science together.
Proponents of empirically validated treatments argue that the manualized treatment is an attempt to focus psychological training and find the most efficient and effective treatments (Halford, 1997). Research indicates that manualized treatments should achieve results that are more consistent with fewer negative effects than non-structured interventions (Drozd & Goldfried, 1996). However, dependence on manualized treatments may lead to the idea everyone diagnosed with the same disorder can be treated in the same way, regardless of individual characteristics or presentation of the disorder (Drozd & Goldfried, 1996). Hence, proponents of empirically validated treatments argue against the dodo bird argument that all therapies are essentially the same by indicating that not all treatments are created equally and imply that the use of manualized treatments may help therapists become consistent across all therapy approaches (Cukrowicz et al., 2005). Advantages of EVTs include decreasing the time to be spent on treatment planning and allowing for the use of behavioral measures to assess before and after treatment changes, which helps keep track of the client’s progress (Hopko & Hopko, 1999). Research provides evidence that manualized
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