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Sam Groombridge Question: Explain the main types of assessments and explain how you conduct or could conduct an initial assessment of learners Assessment is one of the main resources of learning. It is key to understanding and developing for both teacher and learners. Here are the different methods of assessments and how I would use them in my organisation. Initial Assessment: this method comes into play the minute the group of learners are introduced to a new teacher. It is a crucial part of their learning journey as it provides information needed to decide a learners starting point. It is the benchmark from which learners can progress and achievement can be measured. For example, teaching a new child on his or her first football …show more content…

The reason we keep those is to assess players’ progress throughout the course, from initial to final assessment. These are kept by the teacher and updated every session. They consist of the initial assessment, in which the teacher gathers all relevant information from them such as medical information, ability and special needs. This information is taken into consideration when setting aims and objectives. Learners will then be assessed to find their level, taking on numerous tasks and graded accordingly. This outcome again is recorded in their PDR to identify their needs and progression route. Following each session the teacher will add a comment in the PDR on what was achieved during the session and evaluating how well that individual participated, also commenting a note for development and new objectives. Along with learners PDR’s, the teacher will also assess the effectiveness of their teaching as each lesson goes by. This can be done through all forms of assessment, with the teacher evaluating their session judging on the understanding from each learner from that particular lesson. This will allow room for improvement or change of teaching style for further development within the group. This will all be noted in the ‘Actions for Development’ section of the evaluation page of the session plan. Record Keeping: Keeping records is one of the best methods to track progress, development and

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