Puberty And Its Effects On The Teenager 's Development Essay

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Mothers and daughters have been known to have relationships that are comparable to cats and dogs. The bickering and the constantly at odds is a contributing factor of the tumultuous relationship between them, particularly during the time of puberty. Puberty is a marking point for adolescence which makes them susceptible to physical changes, hormonal imbalances, and hypersensitive to social interactions. The development of puberty within female adolescence has a negative effect on mother-daughter relationships. The intent of this research paper is to examine what mother and daughters experience during puberty and its effects on the teenager’s development.
The adolescence stage is the most transformative stage of life and ranges from age 12-18 years old. During this time teenagers experience a variety of changes which prepares them for early adulthood. Throughout the early stages of puberty, it is very dependent upon sexual orientation. For boys, they began to shape manly physical features, they become taller, their body frame reshapes, their voice becomes deeper, and they began to grow hair sporadically and often facial hair. They also experience development of sexual organs and sperm develops. For girls, they experience menstruation and develop women-like features such as breasts, their hips may widen, girls also grow pubic hair and experience development of sexual organs enabling them to be fertile. Throughout this stage girls and boys grow differently and their

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