Public Policy Vs. Administration

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Public Policy and Administration is an interesting and important knowledge for all people. Every one on this earth, regardless of his profession, hobbies, or religious views, faces these concepts. This paper is going to describe the concepts of public policy and administration and an importance of this area for effective and efficient management.
A public policy is an activity that has a good combination between politics and administrative activities. The major goal of public administration are established and introduced to political actors. So, a public policy sets the goals for public administration.
The state policy chooses the direction, in which the state develops. Interests of the state determine the direction of its development. An experienced politician should always be a cautious man who knows what will be important for people tomorrow and after five or ten years. This quality will allow him or her to motivate people and to develop the country in needed sectors.
In order to avoid a political crisis, the government should not only clearly determine a list of priorities for people, but also represent their current and long-term interests. This way, the public policy will be properly developed and will have an accurate strategic line. The government will also manage to control the situation inside the country and become a significant player in the international political arena.
According to some scholars, public administration is an organizational and regulating

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