Public Transportation In Garden City

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This survey was conducted in Garden City which is part of Wayne County in the state of Michigan. Garden City borders the cities of Westland, Dearborn Heights, Inkster and Wayne with an area of 5.87 square miles (15.20 km2) and an estimated population of 27,052. According to the United States Census Bureau, 92.5 % of the population of Garden City is white, African Americans make 3.4 %, following the Hispanic population of 3.3 % . American Indians and Alaska Natives alone make up only 0.4 % of the population.

Smart ride bus system covers public transportation in Garden City from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Transportation services include: Smart Fixed rout services such as Ford road, Ford road express and Middle belt South services. Transportation …show more content…

Kids that live close to the school walk to it. There are school bus stop signs, and speed limit signs within the school area. There are also crossing guards that help kids to safety cross the streets. According to the Garden city school district, there are 10 public schools and two private schools in this city. Every school has sport fields, and playgrounds for the smaller kids that are connected to the school. These activity areas of the school are surrounded by fences and are not open to the public. There are no graffiti signs within the school property. The school ground appears to be clean and well …show more content…

For instance, there were many dentist offices, three urgent care centers, a cardiovascular care clinic, phlebotomy care training center, eye care centers, obstetrics and gynecology office, and a mental health clinic. Besides health service centers, there were also alternative medicine centers such as acupuncture, massage clinic, and chiropractic specialist as well. There are also some social service centers such as the secretary of the state, social security administration office, and WIC program and clinic information center. Part of this city are several child care facilities and senior centers.

While driving by Garden City I did not see people walking outside or in the parks due to the weather conditions on the day that the windshield survey was conducted. Also, Garden City is a safe place to live. There is a police department, fire department and a couple of urgent care centers in the city. There are fire hydrant street signs in every residential or commercial subdivision. I did not notice any stray dogs or any other animal on the streets or in the neighborhood

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