Qualitative Research Method Analysis On ' Quality ' Of Study Object

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Qualitative research method involves analysis on ‘quality’ of study object. Specifically, it adopts such approaches as induction and deduction, analysis and synthesis, as well as abstraction and generalization to process all kinds of materials obtained in order to eliminate all but the essential, discard the false and retain the true and proceed from the exterior to the Interior, thus reveal the essence along with inherent law. Qualitative analysis is majorly about the problem of “existence” and “trustworthiness”, which can be divided into three procedures: 1. analysis and synthesis; 2. Comparison; 3. abstraction and generalization. Quantitative research concerns about numerical features, relationship and variation of social phenomena. It plays a part in revealing and describing of their interaction and development trends, collecting first-hand data through participant observation and in depth interview. There has a video which interviewing the Britons about the immigration problems. It shows that around 74 percent of Britons think one should be born in Britain to be regarded as British. Such method not only shows us the attitude, action and reason of Britons towards immigration, but also assists researchers to apprehend the problem thoroughly. A great defect, however, exposes itself that researchers must be separate from the research completely to avoid bias and misleading of conclusions.

Quantitative research applies mathematical language. Qualitative and qualitative

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