Research Methodology For Adopting Mixed Method Approach

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In this chapter, the research methods commonly employed in social sciences, namely, qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods will first be discussed. I shall then describe my own research design, including the philosophical approach I adopted. This approach will be explained by identifying the ontological and epistemological standpoints assumed. The research strategy will be clarified, and the sampling procedures and participants of the study will be described. The processes of data collection will be explained. There is then a discussion of issues of validity and reliability, and confidentiality and ethics, and finally the procedures of data analysis used for this study will be explained.
This chapter deals with general research methodology and covers the following subheadings:
• Research design
• Rationale for adopting mixed method approach
• Population of the study
• Study area
• Instrumentations
• Pilot Study
• Validity of the instruments
• Reliability of instruments
• Data collection procedure
• Procedure for data analysis

Research design:
This study intends to investigate the perceptions of parents, teachers, and students concerning some aspects of parental involvement through the first grade in secondary schools in Saudi Arabia. The methodology implemented for conducting this study represents an essential aspect of this research. This chapter describes the methodology and procedures that were applied in the current study to serve its objectives. The
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