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Quality management has been extensively applied within the manufacturing industry over a decade. later, the service industry has increasingly emphasized this area. Quality management is increasingly integrated into library services, following their perceived success in manufacturing industries with particular emphasis on improving service quality. Since manufacturing industries differ in terms of the characteristic quality, different criteria must be used for measuring these industries.
Quality management approach should be different in service sector in comparison with manufacturing industry. The most distinguishing characteristic between service and manufacturing industries is that in the former there is usually a direct interaction …show more content…

Quality measurement and evaluation assumes have great importance in modern libraries as it brings immense benefits to the library as well as user community.
Quality:- The word quality has several meaning. According to Sarkar ( ), quality of a product or service is the ability of the product or service to meet the customers' requirements. The customer in an academic library is the student and the teaching staff of the institution.
The primary purpose of an academic library is to support the teaching, research and other extracurricular activities of the institution. An academic library is a service organization which delivers services personally to the customers. In a service organization like an academic library the customer satisfaction means fulfilling users' expectation. For that the librarian must find out the needs of the users and try to provide it.
The main functions of an academic library are acquisition, organization, and dissemination ofinformation. The quality should starts from acquisition of resources. Unless and until the librarian find out the requirements of the users - what they want, how they want and when they want, he may not be able to acquire the proper resources. There should be a well written selection policy in place to add quality in procurement. Many of the academic libraries in India do not have a written selection policy. Many of the times, it is supplier driven books selection. Most of the academic library have the practice

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