Questions And Goals And Objectives

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Questions and Goals (7-11) The main goals and concerns utilized for this program and policy are the following. “During the planning phases of the evaluation, scientific, and program staffers must have clear communication and consensus about the evaluation goals and objectives, and throughout the evaluation, they must have mechanisms to maintain this open communication.” Which leads to what are the critical ten steps of causation to a successful accomplishment of those goals. The following ten steps for conducting the outcome evaluations “Clearly define the problem being addressed by the program; specify the outcome the program is designed to achieve. Specify the research questions we want the evaluation to answer, and select an…show more content…
To “specify the questions to be answered, the research questions are useful for guiding the evaluation we might want to determine the answers to three vital questions, Has the program reduced aggressive or violent behavior among participants? Has the program reduced some of the intermediate outcome or mediating factors associated with violence? Has the program been equally effective for all participants than for others? Since “multiple components of a program are being evaluated, then we may also want to ask: Have all components of the program been equally effective in achieving desired outcomes or has one component been more effective than another?” All the above questions addressed to reach our organizational goal. Sometimes, these “questions or items that are difficult to comprehend or offensive to participants will lead to guessing or non-responsive.” Therefore, we might be “subject to a short attention span or an inability to concentrate will have difficulty completing a lengthy questionnaire.” This also
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