Questions On Identifying Sources Of Stress

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1) Identifying sources of stress.

2) How do you handle stress currently?

3) Healthy ways we can avoid stress.

4) Using stress management strategies.

Identifying sources of stress.

Finding out what stresses us, isn’t always easy as there is no particular reason at times. The sources aren’t always obvious. Sometimes it’s the nonstop arrival of the bills, we need more hours in the day or small issues that we might have with our friends and families. Or it is Our thoughts, behaviors and certain feelings. Whatever it is, we have control over them and we need to take charge of our lives. First step is to identify what is stressing us. It is not apparent and sometimes hard to figure. At times we ourselves might know the reason. As human beings, we make excuses and assume stress is temporary at times. But what we don’t realize is that we let it become an integral part of our lives. At times we blame our stress on others and external events. But we need to work on finding the root cause in order to address the situation.
On Dr.Oz’s TV program, he talks about maintaining a stress journal. He says, every time you feel stressed if you log down on your journal a few items such as what caused the stress, how you felt, what your response was and how you made the situation better, it will help you feel better and identify patterns.
How do you handle stress currently?
Jot down a list of ways you handle stress currently. If you maintain a stress journal it can easily assist you

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