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The word “character” is a noun from the mid-14th century defined as a “symbol marked or branded on the body.” In the mid-15th century it was defined as an “engraved marked” and a “symbol or imprint on the soul.” By 1640, the word had evolved to mean “sum of qualities that define a person.”1 Today, Congress and the President of the United States, along with the HBVCI (Hahm-Beller Values Choice Inventory), comprised a list of six values of character that are compared in the table below.
United States 6 Pillar 2 HBVCI3
Trustworthiness Honesty
Respect Loyalty
Responsibility Responsibility
Fairness Fairness
Caring Self-sacrifice
Citizenship Teamwork, work ethic, perseverance
These six values of character each contribute to the overall components of character – strong, good, and bad have all been used to describe character and are tested and proven through each interaction and evidenced through challenges, situations, and events. All of these values are essential for any leadership role.
From the Art of Manliness, developing character is described as being “engraved” or “shaped” upon the clay of our lives “for better and for worse into a unique set of scratches and grooves…our character begins to be shaped from the very time we are born and is influenced by where we grow up, how we are raised, the examples our parents provide, religious and academic education, and so on.”5 Just as we learn to speak a language, our character starts to develop from our childhood and

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