Questions : Questions On Implicit Conflikt Talk

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THESIS PROPSAL Title: QUESTIONS IN IMPLICIT CONFLIKT TALK Candidate: AYMEN ADIL MAHMOOD Supervisor: Prof. Yang Wenxiu Major: Linguistic and Applied Linguistic Date: 2014 1. Introduction The term conflict has been used in different ways, or with different forms (e.g. racial, ethnic, religious, political, marital, personal, etc.),or at different levels (e.g. within the individual, between individuals, between groups, between organizations, between nations, etc.) and in different contexts (e.g. at home, in organizations, on the battlefield, etc.). Conflict is often seen as aggressive and hence a destructive phenomenon. It is generally understood as something that has to be coped with and solved. However, conflict can also be understood as a constructive process with positive consequences (Iborra2004, McWhirter 1999, 2000). From a developmental point of view, conflict can help us “to solve ourselves”(Iborra & Santamaría 2006). This means that conflict is also considered a chance for personal development. Conflict talk is a common but complex phenomenon. Research on conflict talk has been done from different fields, such as philosophy, rhetoric, sociology, anthropology, psychology and linguistics. Honda (2002) viewed conflict talk as a process of opposition which includes not only the manifestation of opposition, but the whole process of inducement, initiation, development, and management of opposition. McDermott (1976) says ' 'conflict talk occurs in a

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