Radical Inclusion And Gonzalez Of The Bible

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“Jesus is divine and human, and his divinity and humanity are so united that it is impossible to separate them”. Jesus has two natures, God and Man. There is a divine nature and a human nature. He was God before He was born in the flesh and after His human birth he continued to be God. He did things on earth that no one else could do. All the healings and miracles he performed no one had ever seen done before. I think that’s where he then claims divinity and became equal with God, which I think led to his death and him being labeled a heretic.
The New Testament seems to believe that Jesus was a human but without sin. Most of the stories in the Bible are when Jesus was human. He was born of a woman and
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Sin is a transgression of the law, going against God. Sin is an action as well as a condition, a way of being. One cannot condemn another in regards to sin, we all sin. Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to cast a stone at her, John 8:7.
One form of transgression is how LGBTQ people are treated because of who they love. Another being how the government is treating immigrants today. I don’t believe that one sin is any bigger or worse than the other. As for sin being inherited I would tend to think it is. We are born of parents we didn’t choose. My mother for example was a heroin addict, which in turn equaled me being born into sin as I was addicted at birth. So I would have to say yes I was born into sin, inherited from my mother.
There is also personal sin. These are committed every day from little white lies, to coveting something our neighbor has to murder. The thing about having a relationship with God is we can be forgiven. We are supposedly freed from hell and the penalty of death but we also should be able to resist the temptation to sin because the Holy Spirit resides in us. God was crucified for our sins and by faith we have been redeemed. We don’t need to die again.
Growing up in the Church of God in Christ, I learned that I was to always be concerned about my own personal salvation. Meaning to me at that time that I needed to make sure that I did what it took to
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