Recommendation For Inter Faith Food Shuttle Essay

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Our fourth recommendation for Inter-Faith Food Shuttle is to utilize an inclusive approach for developing and tracking program outcomes as well as establishing performance objectives and targets, particularly the Agriculture Training Programs and Food Redistribution programs. With the Agricultural Training Programs (ATPs), an inclusive approach to goal setting would start with a working group of stakeholders to identify the most important goals and possible outcome measures. This group should be diverse and include both men and women as well as people who bring perspectives of the various cultures and ethnicities that the ATP serves. It is important that all of the staff and volunteers know that strategic planning is happening for the organization as a whole and that the ATPs are involved.

Staff should be updated and knowledgeable of the process and positive effects it will have on the program. Leaderships staff and those who interact closely with volunteers, even at the site level, should be energized by the process and promote its positive benefits to others - particularly those who are skeptical. This can some be brought about through early and accurate internal communications, such as organized discussions and online forums, with clear information about the goals and independent leadership that come from a highly performing organization. (Pickering)

For this program, the stakeholders would include:
A member of the Executive Board
A senior staff

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