Recruiting Challenges in the Public Sector Essay

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Jennifer Gabbard
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Recruiting Challenges in the Public Sector
December 22, 2008

Final Project: Recruiting Challenges in the Public Sector There are rules, regulations and ordinances that all guide the recruiting process in the public sector; however, in my opinion these challenges just interfere with a governmental agencies ability to hire the best and most qualified new employees. As an example, a couple of the solutions that I think will help the public sector’s recruiting process are 1) making the application process more simplistic, 2) targeting younger workers by working with universities and colleges and 3) developing a workforce strategy. The public sector has a lot
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When it comes to recruiting in the private sector, there are a few guidelines that you might reference here and there, but by and large recruiting is done without interference. The process seems fairly simple; you develop a job description, establish a salary structure and place an advertisement. There are no testing requirements or mandates that you need to satisfy to be able to hire a new employee. Along with this the time it takes to recruit someone in the private sector takes only as long as it takes to get a qualified applicant to apply for a position and interview for the job. Interviewing is straight forward and although an applicant might go through two or three interviews, before being offered the position, there is no one outside the organization telling the organization how to recruit and how to hire a qualified applicant. Recruiting in the public sector is so much more complex than it is in the private sector. In the public sector many positions have testing requirements built into them. This means that you must test the candidates that meet the minimum qualifications, which at times means you test over 100 people with some positions, and with some positions within the Fire and Police Departments; this means that there could be well over 1,000 applicants to test. The testing process various by positions, for
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