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Biology Lab report #1

The uptake of neutral red dye in a yeast cell using different solutions
Every cell transports materials in and out throught something called a membrane. There are many different methods of transport in the cell Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Serrano, 1977) We want to know does adding higher concentrations of azide more effectively block dye transport? We tested the transport of dye in yeast cells with a metabolic inhibitor. When we did this we showed no difference in the absorbance between different azide solutions, and our control. From this we concluded that azide has no effect on the transport through a yeast cell membrane.
Every cell has a layer of protection called the cell …show more content…

We used a microspectrophotometer at 520 nm to read the absorbances of our solutions.

Results Figure 2: Dye percents versus absorbance in a control, 10%, 20%, and 30% azide solutions.
In this graph you can see the error bars (using standard dieviation) are overlaping at every point except at the outliner which was at 2.5% dye concentration with 20% azide. Note how all the solutions (control, 10% azide, 20% azide, and 30% azide) show

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