Reducing Workplace Violence

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Through out the history of the United States there have been many instances of work place violence. In 2010 in Connecticut there was a shooting at a business involving two workers. According to ABC News, “The allegations of racial harassment that Omar Thornton told his family about may have been what finally sent him over the edge and on his fatal rampage, according to mental health experts.”( This example is one of many that have very similar underlying factors that include some sort of harassment, which then leads to the harassed using violence to solve the issue at hand. The question we should be asking is what will help reduce the number…show more content…
Management can be the essential tool when it comes to decreasing workplace violence if they are an effective leader. The reasoning behind that statement is that not all managers our skillful at their job, but if they can implement workplace violence prevention programs to their employees and have effective managerial methods within their place of work, the number of violent acts at workplaces will drastically be reduced.

To begin, in any business, or corporation it is prudent for the managerial staff to properly educate and train their employees. Specifically, to diminish workplace violence, leaders need have successful violence prevention program in place to educate to their employees. According to the U.S. National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, “ each year, some of two million American workers are victims of some form of workplace violence such as verbal abuse, yelling at coworkers,
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Not every person is a suitable candidate to be in the leadership of a company. It may be because they do not want the reasonability and extra obligation to being in charge of other individuals, or they are not successful in the position. It is important to have the right people in command of other personnel because it will lead to violence, unproductive work and the failure of a business. Traits that make a good leader include, being organized, taking care of your employees, understanding the task at hand and meeting deadline and many more qualities. However, if it is present, there is an important characteristic of a manager that will lead to the decrease in confrontations among their employees and it is communication. In an article it states, “A manager with strong communication skills is able to instruct as well as he listens. Managers who can communicate effectively can process information and then relate it back to their teams clearly. Effective managers should be able to understand, decipher, and relate the organization's vision back to their employees in order to maintain productivity.” (Dario, Priolo) Communication will go a long way in a workspace. If there is a positive flow of messages between employees, this will result in less confusion. Usually, issues occur when there is a lack of communication because workers get confused, they do not have the right idea of what needs to be
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