Reflection About Reading And Reflection

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When I first received my classes for the fall semester of 2017, I noticed the class titled: Introductory College Writing. I instantly rolled my eyes and felt annoyed. Even though English as my favorite subject in high school, my favorite part of English was the reading aspect; I have always loathed the writing portion of English. My expectations in this class was I was going to write about a whole bunch of nonsense and hope to pass. But after participating in this course my expectations were thrown out the window. Reading became analyzing, writing became developing ideas and concepts, researching involved databases instead of google searches, and reflecting resulted in me thinking about what I truly did in a paper, essay, or project. By…show more content…
As for the writing aspect of this rhetorical analysis, it was different than any kind of writing I have done. I wasn’t able to choose a side to the argument, I just had to discuss what type of argument the author had used and whether it was effective or not. In my rhetorical analysis I stated that, “[B]y strategically using an evaluation argument and using ethos, pathos and logos, Anna Kessel was able to persuade her audience that from something as simple as flimsy shoes to something as big as marketing schemes, these things are not encouraging our daughters to be athletic or successful in their lives” (“Girl’s School Shoes” 5); which goes to show that I analyzed the article well enough to discover the claim and backed up that claim through my writing. Even though reading and writing are two completely different beasts, they are neighbor beasts that have helped me improve as a reader (or should I say analyzer) and a writer. Researching and reflecting proved to be a challenge because research is much broader than I thought and reflection is different from what I thought. In my whole high school career my idea of research is typing my topic into the search bar of Google and looking at the first three websites that appear. As for reflections I did in high school, it was just reemphasizing what I did on that project, paper or essay. An example of how I accomplished my learning outcome of researching is
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