Reflection Of Service Learning

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Service Learning
What is service learning, and why do we have to do it? These are questions I asked myself when given this assignment. To be honest, I always thought of service learning as forced volunteerism, but only because no one ever really told us why we had to do it. With that being said, I decided this paper was going to be a search for the answers to these questions as well as a reflection of the experience. While researching for this paper I established a new-found appreciation for service learning.
Service learning projects are assigned with the intention of benefitting both the provider and the recipient. More than just busy work assigned by teachers, it exposes you to the world around you and in some ways, restores faith in humanity. “Service--learning is a valuable educational pedagogy that enables students to apply classroom content to real-life situations. Further, service--learning increases civic responsibility, communication skills, awareness of health care disparities and social injustices, cultural proficiency, and personal growth.” (Murray, 2013) One of the many hats nurses wear is community advocate and or educator, it falls into the health teaching and promotion category. Service learning assignments are equipping us, furthermore, instilling in us the initiative to have a role in our community’s well-being and health status. To some volunteering might seem minuscule, like you are not doing enough or it is no big deal, but to someone what you feel

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