Reflection On Health And Wellness

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final thoughts: Understanding you affect your health and wellness. You affect these things not just by understanding the importance of what you need to do and why. The other part of the equation is to implement these skills into your own life. By recognizing the negative nonessential opinions and stereotypes and building the proper tools through conflict resolution skills in combination with boundaries. These skills help you to, deal with the things that will help you grow as a person, they’ll also show you what you should and should not tolerate within your life. While learning to deal with it in a more productive manner. Also understanding the various therapeutic aspects, and how they can be applied to you. When you understand yourself, you make it easier to communicate with not only your doctor or therapist, but everyone else in your life. Just because something seems small, and basic does not mean that it is. Additionally taking baby steps forward, especially with things that seem so overwhelming that you feel you’ll never really reach your full potential and constantly have to deal with the same negative situations for your entire life. Taking baby steps, is the first step to taking giant leaps, what they both have in common is that they are both steps forward. Regardless of how big or small they may be, like Rocky said “One punch at time, one step at a time, one round at a time” my addition to the quote is like in fighting, like in life Being able to understand

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