Reflective Essay On Professional Performance

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Improv has been an amazing outlet as well as a way to grow my acting skills. During the rehearsal process our group, the plain black tees, practiced both before hand as well as met 2 times before our final performance. Although I could not make 2 of those 3 meetings I was able to attend the final practice before out presentation. We meet up about 2 hours before our performance to practice mind melding as well as doing warm ups to help get our flow going. Practicing like minds was a great way at getting everyone on the same page before doing practice Harold’s. Doing Harold practices helped us get some bad scenes out of the way and getting our minds prepped to preform the best scenes we can think of. We did face some challenges, some being us getting in our own heads which was tough to get out of but not impossible. By sometimes taking the supporting role when we couldn't focus and get out of our heads I found that scenes could take a new turn at the moments I couldn't heighten or move the scene along which in general helped develop scenes in a better way being a group effort. Practicing scenes and getting our minds going also helped keep our thoughts fresh and exciting. If I had the opportunity to do this again I would work on deepening our games and making it a more complex and humorous game rather than surface game. It would have allowed us to grow better at playing game and making it hilarious at the same time. Regarding performance, my individual performance felt

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