Reflective Essay On Universal Education

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Universal Education Countless countries benefit from a capitalistic system, but others, like Denmark, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic, have a more socialistic giving society, offering free or low-cost schools, universal medical care, as well as supportive welfare to citizens. The world would gain from a higher quality of free education. My beliefs of a fair universal education offered to every child, no matter their place of origin, are influenced by experiencing the benefits of free education growing up in Czechoslovakia, by living in the Netherlands, and the United States. As a child growing up under the strict influence of forbidden profits of capitalism and receiving the education free of charge, socialistic ideals shape my worldview. Being born in Czechoslovakia (the Czech Republic since 1993) under a communist, socialist regime with underlying suppressed democracy during the Soviet Union occupation, my worldview is based on a child’s idealistic views of living and equality of people. Even though the restricted media and a limited amount of imported goods made it easier for the communist government to influence and dictate the mainstream population, I was shielded from the political world, because I was a child and only gaining the benefits of excellent education. In 4th Grade, many students, including me and my brother, were selected and received a written proposal to be part of selective public talent schools, covering programs like STEM, languages,
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