Relationships And Self Presentation Dictate The Interactions

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Relationships and self-presentation dictate the interactions we have with one another on a daily basis. How one presents himself can lead to the forming of new relationships. Sometimes a new relationship can be drastically life changing. In this lesson’s short story, “Sample Relationship: Curtis and Brenda”, two college students go from being classmates to lovers. How this transformation occurred can be identified through their actions provided in the text. Relationships can only form if individuals are exposed to each other. There are a number of ways for people to eventually encounter each other to potentially form a relationship. One such way is the sharing of routine activities, or activities that we habitually engage in. A shared routine activity of Curtis and Brenda is attending their social psychology class where they both “both noticed each other.(Sample Relationship: Curtis and Brenda)” By sharing daily routines, individuals put themselves within close proximity to each other which promotes the development of relationships due to familiarity. The more familiar we are with someone, the more likely we are to like them. After observing Brenda for sometime, Curtis comes to realize that she has a good sense of humor. Desiring to talk to her, he uses this information to “eventually (break) the ice with a joke about helping her with the night 's topic.(Sample Relationship: Curtis and Brenda)” For Curtis, this was a successful opening line because Brenda

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