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AMB240 MARKETING PLANNING & MANAGEMENT Assessment Item 3 Reflective Case Study Report Student Name: Brenda Pham Student Number: N8024642 Tutor: Mr Naseer Choudhry Due Date: 27th October, 2013 Word Count: 2130 Executive summary This case analysis summarizes the outcomes of the performance, problems, possible solutions and recommendations for Spring Princess based on the results in the Qutopian Market days on the 28th September and 12th October, 2013. Spring Princess made a profit of Q$3,370 by selling out 68 units in total with 1 stock on hand. Spring Princess was the niche player the two competitors which are Thrifty Threads and To Dye For by having a %30.92 of market share. Spring Princess has used the SMART…show more content…
Customer Loyalty Achieve 35% customer loyalty from first to second market day 24% customer loyalty No Customer satisfaction Achieve 80% customer satisfaction from first market day 93% customer satisfaction Yes Marketshare Achieve 40% marketshare against competitors after both market days 30.92% marketshare No Brand awareness Achieve 40 Facebook likes prior to market day two 32 Facebook likes No Sales Achieve $1650 sales from market day one $1875 sales revenue Yes 1.2, Sales and production outcomes 1.2.1 Sales price (per unit) The sales price (per unit) is $49.56 1.2.2 Total number of units produced The total number of units produced is 69 1.2.3 Total number of units sold The total number of units sold is 68 1.2.4 Stock on hand (left-

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