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The Remington Steakhouse [Assessment of Service Quality Satisfaction] To: Management From: Caroline Hall Date: September 27, 2012 RE: Service Quality-Satisfaction-Retention-Word of Mouth Study After conducting a survey to evaluate the service quality satisfaction of customers from Remington Steakhouse in comparison to its competitors, we have developed a few strategic recommendations in order to further improve customer satisfaction. Research findings suggest that consumers consider five dimensions in their assessment of service quality. The dimensions represent how consumers organize information about service quality. These dimensions include: Reliability: Ability to perform the promised service dependably and…show more content…
The results are as follows: Relationship Measures | Remington | Longhorn | Outback | Satisfaction | 5.33 | 5.05 | 6.28 | Likelihood of Return | 5.06 | 4.77 | 5.95 | Likelihood of Recommendation | 5.39 | 5.05 | 5.80 | Frequency of Patronage | Remington | Longhorn | Outback | Occasionally (< once a month) | 63.3% | 60% | 29.1% | Frequently (1-3 times a month) | 26.5% | 30% | 70.9% | Very Frequently(4+ times a month) | 10.2% | 10% | 0% | Analysis of Survey Study After analyzing these charts we have developed some recommendations in order to improve customer satisfaction. First let’s look at where we are successful in service quality. In comparison to our competitors we are leaders in: * Food Quality * Good Atmosphere With food quality ranking as most important to customers it is crucial that we keep providing the quality of food we are currently serving. Although a pleasant ambiance doesn’t rank as important as some of the other attributes, it is still something to pride yourself on. Keeping a clean and aesthetically pleasing restaurant will add

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