Research Aim And Objectives Of Risk Management

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Table of Contents
Abstract: 2
Research aim and objectives: 3
Introduction: 4 ' 'Definition ' ' of risk management: 6
The target of risk management: 6
Types of risks: 7 ' ' Related to project team ' ': 7 ' 'Related to the owner of the project ' ': 8
Ways and Strategies of risk management: 9 9
Risk identification: 10
Qualitative risk analysis: 11
Risk ranking: 11
Risk mitigation: 12
Risk monitoring and follow up: 12

No construction project is free from risk; the purpose of project risk management is to obtain better project outcomes, in terms of schedule, cost and operations performance by reducing risks and capturing opportunities. Risk management is the process of analysis, identification and responding to the project risk. All this process is interacting with each other to create a good strategy of managing and controlling risk in the construction projects. This paper aims to identifying the types of risk that may happen in the construction site in Egypt, managing them and finding a solution for them.

Research aim and objectives:
This aim of this research is to identify the main risk factors associated with construction industry in Egypt in the last six years analysing and mitigating them, the study defining risk, defining the main risk management targets, defining the types and categories of risk management investigate the risk management processes and methodologies applied to the research and the survey questionnaire survey to identify…
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