Research And Identifying Potential Marketing Opportunities Essay

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Part 1: Research and identify possible marketing opportunities:

DABC is one of the biggest clothes manufacturing located in Melbourne, Australia. The first DABC clothes store was established in 1990 in Collingwood under the name AB Clothes with only 4 staffs. After almost 30 years operating, DABC has become one of the fastest growing Australian brands with now over 80 stores throughout Australia and 3 flagship stores located in 3 Melbourne largest shopping centers. DABC has provided the outfit solutions and is famous with its sharp tailoring, top quality, high competitive model and shiny accessories. It is one of the most searched fashion stores for metropolitan men and women.

Review of DABC company’s Marketing Plan: DABC is having a very effective marketing plan which identifies its customers and competitors and also develops an approach to create goods and services that satisfy customers’ needs and preferences. Company is now planning to prelaunch its official website to provide customers with access to purchase products online, update with fashion news, watch season fashion shows and receive suggestions and advice on outfits. On the run with company competitors, DABC also offers loyalty customers with promotion and discounts regularly. Besides, company is going to expand the business by opening more retail stores, online shops and even on social media.

DABC company’s products on market trends and developments:

Nowadays customers prefer changes in

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